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    Industrial partners Faber will apply the methodology and platform within the design and development of a domestic cookerhood.
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    Industrial partners Vectron will test the software platform both as electric motor designers and suppliers.
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    Companywide access to the platform and engagement with eco-design is encouraged through WEB, CAD and PLM interfaces.
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    The G.EN.ESI methodology supports the integration of environmental considerations throughout the design and development process.


Welcome to the G.EN.ESI Project Website!

The G.EN.ESI project came to an end on the 31st January 2015.  The information and resources are still available on this website, and the software solutions section provides links to the software developers who will be happy to talk to you.  We would like to thank you for visiting the G.EN.ESI project website, and for supporting the G.EN.ESI project.

G.EN.ESI stands for Green ENgineering and dESIgn and the project aims to develop a methodology and supporting software platform to achieve just that. To read more about the justification and objectives of the project, please click on ‘The ‘Project’ tab above or click here.

The G.EN.ESI Methodology provides a simple six step process that will help you incorporate environmental considerations within your product development business. To read more about this process please click here.

The G.EN.ESI software platform offers a series of interoperable tools that will help you assess and address the environmental impacts of your products. More detailed information about this platform is available here.

On this website you will find a thorough introduction to the G.EN.ESI project, information about the team contributing to the project and an Education Centre providing downloadable content to help you learn the basics of Eco-design. If you have any feedback on the site, need more information about the project, or would like to suggest additional topics for the Education Centre please contact the G.EN.ESI team at info@genesi-fp7.eu or complete the contact form on the ‘Contact’ tab. For more information and up to date news on the project please download the latest newsletter here.

This project is co-financed by the European Commission and made possible within the VII Framework Programme FP7-NMP-201 l-SMALL-5 - Grant Agreement Number 280371.