DfEE – Design for Energy Efficiency

The DfEE tool is a specific calculation module designed for energy using components with a particular emphasis on electric motors. This tool allows the company to accurately evaluate the use phase of the electric motors in terms of energy consumption, environmental impact and the Total Cost of Ownership. Even though the module is aimed at electric motor manufacturers, it could also be used by companies using electric motors as a component within their products.


DfEE requires as input the use scenario (working time at each working point), the standard motor performance values (efficiency curve, nominal power, nominal speed, etc.) and cost items (manufacturing, maintenance, energy, etc.). Some of this information is provided by the end user (working time for each working point, etc.) whereas other information is stored within a specific database (energy unit cost, unit emission values, etc.).

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This project is co-financed by the European Commission and made possible within the VII Framework Programme FP7-NMP-201 l-SMALL-5 - Grant Agreement Number 280371.