LeanDfD – Design for Disassembly

LeanDfD is a tool within the G.EN.ESI Platform dedicated to product End-of-Life (EoL) management. For the G.EN.ESI project the tool has been optimised for the analysis of mechatronic products, but the approach is also valid for other industrial products.


The tool permits the evaluation of disassembly times and costs of an entire product or of a specific component (or subassembly). This assessment highlights the management of the disassembly phase at EoL during the design phase, in order to promote closed loop scenarios (reuse or remanufacturing of components, recycling of materials). But LeanDfD also assists the maintenance phase because it encourages the designer to design a product so that critical components (or components which have to be substituted during the product life) are easy to disassemble.

LeanDfD is also able to calculate some EoL indices which permit the evaluation of the most convenient EoL strategy for each component (or subassembly), considering the factors of disassembly time and cost.

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This project is co-financed by the European Commission and made possible within the VII Framework Programme FP7-NMP-201 l-SMALL-5 - Grant Agreement Number 280371.