The G.EN.ESI software platform tools

Genesi software platform

The G.EN.ESI platform represents a fully interoperable set of software tools that will support the user in the integration of environmental considerations and product life cycle integration into product design.

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By choosing a widely used data format (XML) and developing the translation mechanisms between the tools, it provides an efficient software support system that uses CAD information and PLM data to improve product environmental performance. This functionality is based on the MI: Gateway technology.

The platform provides a wide range of assessment functionality that focuses on the areas below.

―      Environmental Life cycle assessment: Eco-Audit and eVerdEE,

―      Life Cycle Costing: EcoAudit

―      Specific phases of the product life cycle:

  • DfEE: energy efficiency during product use
  • 0 km: environmental and cost efficiency during transportation
  • LeanDfD: efficiency of product design during disassembly at end-of-life.

The platform also provides support for product improvements:

―      Eco-material: consideration of opportunities for alternative materials and processes.

―      CBR: Generic and specific guidelines arranged according to life cycle aspects, product structure and customized parameters.

The final element of the platform is the supplier web portal that will facilitate the integration of external data into the improvement process.

The interoperability between the platform components allows data and results to be exchanged between platform components fully supporting the user in the design process.  The DMS:XML file allows data to be exchanged between platform tools, and also with compatible CAD and PLM systems.

This project is co-financed by the European Commission and made possible within the VII Framework Programme FP7-NMP-201 l-SMALL-5 - Grant Agreement Number 280371.