Contribution to the G.EN.ESI Project

FABER will help define the specification for the software platform and will lead the demonstration phase through implementation of the platform within their design process. The involvement of FABER’s technical department will be a key factor in the optimisation of the G.EN.ESI software platform. FABER is particularly involved in work package four which focuses on testing and improving the eco-design tools and platform.

Related and Relevant Work

FABER were the first company in Europe to produce motorized cookerhoods. In 1986, they made a second novel development in the market unveiling the first “decorator” hood, the first cookerhood intended to as a home furnishings. They then introduced electronic and remote controls to the market. In recent years, FABER have stood out for their introduction of cookerhoods with motorized mechanisms to open, close, rise or lower the cookerhood, altering the amount of smoke and fumes they capture. FABER is currently developing a new generation of high energy efficiency and usable hoods. The R&D department, composed by 21 people, are dedicated to the study of sustainable materials and technical innovations.

The FABER Team

Mario Cipriani: has a master degree in Electronic Engineering. In July 2008 he was named head of Strategic R&D & Innovation for the Faber Group, where he started working in 2004 as Technical Manager. Cipriani began his career with Telettra, then moved to Merloni Elettrodomestici (now Indesit) in 1982, where he started out in electronic design and was later named Product Manager. From 1988 to 1990 he took part in the integration first of Indesit and then Scholtes. In 1990 he was named head of oven R&D, where he managed a staff of 70; half in Italy and half in France. In 1996 he was named Manager of the oven sector plant in France. In the Marketing area, in 2001 he was named project manager for innovative projects on networked intelligent appliances. Currently he is a member of the Working Group Hood at the CECED Europe level.

Simone Biocco: has a degree in Mechanical engineering, he started working in 2010 as an expert in fluid dynamics simulations and life cycle assessment with solar thermal panels, for Ariston Thermo Group. Since September 2011 he is the focal point for innovation projects and simulation for FABER Spa. Simone is the technical reference for the G.EN.ESI project within FABER.

This project is co-financed by the European Commission and made possible within the VII Framework Programme FP7-NMP-201 l-SMALL-5 - Grant Agreement Number 280371.