University of Bath


Contribution to the G.EN.ESI Project

The team at the University of Bath are leading the dissemination and exploitation of the G.EN.ESI methodology and platform. This means that they are managing the advertisement, external communication and outreach events for the Project.

As eco-design and LCA experts, the University of Bath are also contributing environmental product design and development knowledge throughout the project. Significant contributions include the analysis of eco-design and business during the early stages of the project and supporting research for environmental supply chain work taking place during the development of the software platform.

Interest and Expectations from the G.EN.ESI Project

Life cycle assessment and eco-design research has been taking place at the University of Bath for several years now. Throughout this time the University has maintained strong industry links to help ensure the outreach and commercial rejuvenation of the research completed. The multi-disciplinary nature of the G.EN.ESI project helps foster these links further and provides an exciting opportunity to work with companies who are keen to improve the environmental performance of their products and practices, as well as other well respected research institutes.

The University of Bath Team

Dr Elies Dekoninck is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Bath. Her PhD was entitled ‘Eco-innovation: tools to facilitate early-stage workshops’. Elies teaches Product Design and Development to Mechanical Engineering students and is programme leader for the MEng in Advanced Design and Innovation. She also supervises several PhD students inareas such as  User-Centred Eco-design; Creativity in Virtual Design teams; Creativity in the Latter stages of the Design Process

Dr Marcelle McManus is a lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. She has a particular interest in sustainability and life cycle impacts. Marcelle’s current research interests include investigating the life cycle environmental impact of various products and systems, primarily related to renewable energy and products. Specifically, she is interested in the use of Life Cycle Assessment to determine the impact of various micro energy generating systems, the production and use of bioenergy, carbon capture and the production of renewable materials.

Molly Buckingham is a Research Assistant and MPhil student who focuses on the integration of environmental considerations within product design and development. Molly Buckingham studied Product Design Engineering at the University of Glasgow and graduated with a MEng degree in 2007. She then spent four years in industry working as an Environmental Building Service Engineer and a Knowledge Transfer Associate, focussing on the introduction and development of eco-design within a manufacturing firm. Molly now works full time at the University and is completing a Master’s entitled “Improving the Effectiveness of Introductory Eco-design Activities within Industry”.

Mendy Mombeshora is a PhD researcher graduated from the University of Bath with a MEng in Mechanical Engineering with Manufacturing and Management. She currently works in the fields of product development management and supply chain management. Her main focus areas are supplier collaboration in new product development, three dimensional concurrent engineering and integrating environmental considerations into the traditional product development process. Within the G.EN.ESI project, she mainly focuses on supply chain information sharing within the product development process.


This project is co-financed by the European Commission and made possible within the VII Framework Programme FP7-NMP-201 l-SMALL-5 - Grant Agreement Number 280371.